Photograph:  a picture painted by the sun without instruction in art.

~Ambrose Bierce

“I always like to explore different ways of telling a story, through photojournalism I look forward to document happenings and to portray the emotions and messages within, while the written chronology adds detail to the story.”

– K

A sample of my work. Photo Essay:

“Identity Parade”, a conmemoration

of #Cancun42

In a City of contrasts, famous for its white sand beaches and turqoise ocean, the other side of Cancun, the one that works to support the resorts, clean the pools, make the beds, cook the food, and take care of itself, tries to build an identity for their city.
A Circus artist with megaphone directs the crowd of participants and expectators towards the square known as “Parque las Palapas”, behind him a Burger King.
Two girls wearing butterfly wings and glitter, lay on the corridor that leads the way for the parade, behind them their hula hoops, custom made, which they use to dance between cars during the change of lights in traffic.
The Golden outfit of an Aztec princess stands out while the parade continues to move
Several Marching bands make their way through the city, announcing the intensity of the celebration
High School cheerleaders raise their batons towards the palm trees, a mixture of our endemic environment with an outside tradition (cheerleading)
Local citizens march with messages of love for their city, the woman holds a flag that reads I Love Cancun, yet she hesitates to conmemorate with open enthusiasm
The local organization Pioneros, in charge of the parade, making an effort to include people, to make them feel part of Cancun.
Dancers show tastes of mexican Folklore
All of them, marching together
Some were walking alone, separated from the crowd,
Some floating and standing out in the middle of the crowd
From the ancient cultures of the mayan world, burning Copal and sounding the seashell
To the new generations that are growing and learning in a city with over a million people, a rich cultural inheritance and a great economic importance to Mexico.
In Cancun people from over 100 nationalities converge, you can hear people speaking mayan, spanish, englush, russian, portuguese, french, german…etc.
It’s a small city yet world wide known
Throughout the years, what started out as a financial project to attract tourism to the country, has become a real city, far away from the Hotel Zone.
People from all over the country and the world have left their skies to come and establish in Cancun, trendy, luxurious, naturally blessed, diverse, complex.
There is more to Cancun than meets the eye.

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