Tulum from a different perspective


Revisiting Tulum after 12 years was an amazing experience, the first time I went there I was 15 years old and ready to explore the world, Tulum always called for me and I had to answer, I remember I took all of my savings went to the bus station and set out for adventure. My sister was 10 at the time and she was sad I would leave her so I took her with me. We didn’t even have a camera and I was just carrying a bag.

I remember she was kind of scared, we almost missed the bus and had barely enough money to pay for it. We ran for the bus station and catched the last call for it, in that time the bus went from Cancun all the way to the mayan town corridor and stopped in Tulum, we drove for more than a couple of hours, in those years the roads were very precarious in Cancun, there were no bridges or even nice pavement, it was a one lane road from Playa del Carmen on to the rest of the state.

Unlike in Cancun, the bus didn’t stop in a station, it just stopped in a bumper in the middle of the road and the driver shouted “Tulum” so we rushed to get off otherwise we would end up having to wait for the next town and with no way of coming back.

We got off and we were just there in the middle of the road, a couple of handcraft stores and a couple of restaurants. We walked to look for the sign indicating the ruins, we found it and our journey started, walking the dirt road unaware of what we would find.

That is one of the beauties of Tulum, it makes you walk up and starts to unveil it’s magic in front of you.

Nowadays as you get to the site there are a lot of restaurants and handcraft stores, bathrooms, and many services.

On this visit I brought my camera with me and tried to look at Tulum from a different perspective. Without the comfort of my zoom lens, I just took my 50mm attached and threw my camera in my beach bag.

As you go in, the place starts to appear as you move forward.

I loved seeing that some of its original fauna still lives there, a lot of Iguanas lay around in all sizes trying to blend with the soft grey stone.


As you keep walking you can feel this sacred place was dedicated to Venus and something just vibrates with mysticism. First temples and signs of gods begin to appear.


The architecture is very particular, lovely and amazingly well preserved, it stands there in front of you without losing it’s essence.


As you continue to walk you start climbing as the ground goes up, it’s an amazing moment because you can’t really see much, until you get to the highest part of the ground only to unveil the heart of this magical city


The view is absolutely breathtaking, I remember the first time I saw it, I couldn’t believe it, I didn’t have a camera so I just stared at it trying ti keep that image in my mind, then I went down for a swim, and tried to blend with the place. I just wanted to stay there forever.


The ancient mayan city was originally named Zamá (Dawn) probably because of its beachside location.

In ancient times it was a very important city for commerce and for religious ceremonies to honor Kukulkan the descending god.

Tulum was still an active city inhabited by mayans when the spaniards arrived to Yucatan and Quintana Roo, but due to the heavy epidemic diseases they brought, the city was abandoned shortly after.

Due it’s amazing landscapes it has been one of the most visited archeological sites in Mexico and because of this, the heirs of the mayan culture that still visited Tulum as a sacred ceremonial place in the XXth Century, have decreased their spiritual activities at the site.

Nonetheless, Tulum in itself both the site and the city have a very clear mystic quality that attracts people from all over the world.


This wonderful city protected by the high rocks of the coast and the marine reef was one of the most beautiful cities in mayan culture and a very important reference for sailors and traders in the sea, who took the Castle as a reference to avoid getting caught in the reef.


The castle also served as a lighthouse, because of the way it was built, the sun would come across a couple of windows protecting the light into the ocean and guiding mayan traders on their canoes.

They also had a hurricane warning system, on the top of a temple there’s a hollow rock they carved facing the ocean, when the wind speed would become hurricane like, the hollow rock acted like a whistle warning everyone.

Thanks to Ina and Pazit for sharing it with me and allowing me to visit Tulum again.


SUNSET: a colored gift

After a few moments of rain and a potential thunderstorm, nature gave us:








The unofficial wedding photographer

Tere, the Bride fixing the last details of her wedding while getting her hair done, minutes away from the ceremony, Akumal, Q.Roo, Mx, 2012

There are plenty of things to say about the world of weddings, from the location of the wedding in Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Akumal, Tulum (there is always something nie about the place) to the culinary art, the decoration and design that creates the atmosphere, the music, the fashion…etc. Here is some of what I see in them particularly.

Weddings are a very important ocassion in the life of many, I have recently begun to attend some of them and I have to confess that it is a new thing for me; the wedding scene was not my scene at all.

I didn’t know much about them but the more chances I get to work in them, the more I like them. They have opened a new world of creative posibilites for me and I love that!

I love the fact that weddings are about what really makes us human, they are about the intangible things that separate us from the rest of the world. To me, they transcend the arrangements of a beautiful party and become about our capacity to truly love another person. You can see it with fathers giving away their daughters, mothers walking proudly in the arms of their sons, you can really witness how they transform walking down that aisle that turns them into men and women ready to form their own family, to fly with their own wings.

It is about the laughter of cousins, the warm embrace of friends, the adventure it represents for children, the music that vibrates in the air, the tears that join the ocean in the white sand beach, the jokes between siblings, the radiant glance of the couple, the flying best men and the spark of the maids of honor.

I love it and enjoy it so much that I want to share what it inspires me to do. That and my love for photography as well as my eager need to document what goes on around me gave birth to….”The Unofficial Wedding Photographer”

This is the first of a series of photos that I named after shooting the “backstage” or the “extra pictures” of a wedding. Normally couples hire a professional photographer to take their pictures and while they do a very good job, this is a different perspective, I focus more on the making of the moments, the details that go unnoticed, I turn my camera where nobody else is looking, holding on to those moments that reflect the true emotion and personality of family, friends and of course  the couple. But most of all, with my passion for journalism I find it exciting to document  the wedding 😀

This is the story of Jon and Tere, he is an “aussie” who fell for a mexican woman, they lived in world apart, miles and miles away from each other and they met because they had to.

“and then I met this mexican girl  he said while reading his vows that he knew when it all changed for him “and then I met this beautiful mexican girl and I learned what a beautiful person she is, and I knew she was the one” said Jon while reading his vows looking sincerely into Tere’s eyes, she was glancing back, trying not to cry. They married in Akumal, a very small and secluded beachside town near Tulum, Quintana Roo in beautiful Mexico. With the turqouise ocean in the background and white sand beaches at their feet, they held a wonderful wedding on a sunset in April, 2012.

Tere, the Beautiful Bride getting ready. Akumal, Q.Roo. Mx. 2012

Tere, the Bride during her make up session, smiling while her bridesmaids mention Jon , minutes away from joining her life with him, Akumal, Q.Roo. Mx, 2012

Tere and Jon, stealing another “you may kiss the bride” after the ceremony, Akumal, Q.Roo, Mx, 2012
A kiss that will last forever, Tere and Jon as husband and wife, Akumal, Q.Roo, Mx
The couple kissing while they are being filmed by Oscar Video, Akumal, Q.Roo, Mx
Tere staring at her husband and having fun while Jon poses for the photographer, Akumal, Q.Roo, Mx 
 The couple kissing with an impressive sunset and pink sky above, Akumal, Q.Roo, Mx
Tere walking towards his husband while shooting their video, Akumal, Q.Roo, Mx
The detail on the bride’s dress shining at sunset while the professional videographer shoots a scene on the background, Akumal, Q.Roo, Mx
The couple walking towards the reception after their photo shoot, Akumal, Q.Roo, Mx
Details on the bride’s veil and earrings, Akumal, Q.Roo, Mx
The Bride’s entrance, Akumal, Q.Roo, Mx
Jon, grasping for air trying to explain what Tere means to him, Akumal, QRoo, Mx
The best men and bridesmaids posing with the couple, Akumal, QRoo, Mx
The guys messing around for the picture, Akumal, QRoo, Mx
The Girls, getting ready for their picture, Akumal, QRoo, Mx
Moments before the ceremony, spreading the joy, Akumal. QRoo, Mx
The Girls giving away kisses for the camera, Akumal, QRoo, Mx
Elia Rodriguez, Tere’s bridesmaid, the joy of the party and the artistic soul, Akumal, QRoo, Mx
Floating on the sand, one of the bridesmaids runs to catch the first kiss picture, Akumal, QRoo, Mx
The beautiful ladies posing with the groom’s brother, Akumal, QRoo, Mx
The ladies helping each other secure their dresses and wings, Akumal, QRoo,Mx
The authentic smile and hapiness of a friend at her girl’s wedding, Akumal, QRoo,Mx
A wedding guest, lingering under the sun, Akumal, QRoo, Mx
A guest with an interesting message in his fashion choice,  a sparkling sight under the caribbean sun, Akumal, QRoo,Mx
The shining new tattoo on the bridesmaid back, she’s got wings of her own, Akumal, QRoo, Mx
Behind the scenes of the wedding video “Getting Ready”, Akumal, QRoo, Mx
The Fairy Bridesmaids, Akumal, QRoo, Mx
The Girls Fairy tale in opposite color, Akumal, QRoo. Mx
Fairy Bridesmaids in neon blue, Akumal, QRoo, Mx
The Bride getting her hair styled while the fairy bridesmaids pose for a picture at Jon and Tere’s wedding, Akumal, QRoo, Mx

by: Kristina Guerrero


The Blackbird Journal: Tortuga Island Forever Fest Cancun Music

Musica en Cancún

El pasado sábado 28 de Abril de 2012, Cancún fue la sede del “Tortuga Island Forever Fest” un festival de música organizado por la comunidad de músicos independientes de Cancun, para dar la despedida al Tortuga Island Bar.

Con la participación de una gran variedad de bandas, el festival comenzó con el inicio de la noche y terminó con el sol radiante sobre Playa Tortugas.

Entre las bandas que participaron se destacó la presencia de The Surfing Munsters, SuperB, Gecko, Tropikal Voodo, Music Force y Open Zippers así como de las nuevas bandas que empiezan a sonar y saltar a la escena musical de Cancún como Sweet Doris y Lumine Electi.

Sin duda en un gran esfuerzo por impulsar la escena musical local, la comunidad se reunió para pasar un buen rato en compañía de amigos, colegas, parientes y seguidores pero sobre todo de la gran familia de apasionados por la música que vivimos en Cancún.

Entre Rock, Funk, Surf, Metal, canciones originales, covers, remakes y versiones alternativas, el Festival deleitó a los asistentes de todos los gustos y edades.

Un privilegio contar con nuestras queridas bandas como The Surfing Munsters, Gecko, Super B y Tropikal Voodo que prendieron el ambiente y calentaron la atmósfera con sus presentaciones.

Cabe mencionar la participación de dos bandas que se incorporan a la escena musical de Cancún:

La banda de Metal Gotic, Lumine Electi, quien abrió el festival y dió a conocer su propuesta musical sentando el estándar para lo que sería una jornada de muy buena música con excelentes actuaciones.

Le siguieron The Surfing Musnters a quienes conocemos por su particular estilo Surf que impide quedarse sentado.

Después Music Force y Gecko que encendió a los asistentes e inundó toda la playa con su deleitante funk.

Acto seguido, disfrutamos de la actuación de Sweet Doris, ésta es una banda ecléctica e irreverente, que busca “despertar almas rockeras dormidas”. Lo logra transfigurando el sonido de la música de dispensador que normalmente encontramos en géneros como el Pop, en un ardid de notas rudas, fuertes y metamórficas.

Sin duda es una propuesta musical diferente que vale la pena conocer y que sobre todo te hará pasar momentos muy divertidos y tal vez expanda tus fronteras musicales.

El festival continuó con las actuaciones de SuperB, Tropikal Voodoo y cerró con la actuación de Open Zippers, banda que vino a presentarse desde la ciudad de Mérida, quienes recibieron al amanecer tocando y anunciando el fin de la jornada.

Las fotos del Festival:

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